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Net Zero

With very real concerns over climate change and rising energy prices, the need for Net Zero building is imperative. Net Zero building is attained by incorporating energy saving strategies with passive and active energy production designs and technologies. The use of passive resources, such as natural daylight and ventilation helps to make buildings more efficient, and active renewable resources such as wind and solar energy, are captured and utilized to replace the energy used by the building.  At EFI we have the products and technical skills to achieve the highest level of performance available for your project. We have been privileged to work on two notable Net Zero projects in Ontario, at Mohawk College in Hamilton and the Arthur Meighen Building, located in Toronto. The Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation at Mohawk College is the first institutional building in Canada to be awarded Zero Carbon Building - Design certification from the Canada Green Building Council as part of the pilot project taking place across Canada. The Arthur Meighen Rehabilitation project is set to be one of the first federal carbon neutral buildings and will be the main Government of Canada building for the Ontario region. 

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