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Humber River Hospital



Construction Manager:


Toronto, ON

Infrastructure Ontario



The Humber River Hospital is Canada’s first fully digital hospital and is also one of North America’s most energy-efficient hospitals. This multi-building campus features the OBE 6100 Arcticwall system, 100 percent fresh air, 142,000 sq. ft. of green roof, and a forty-seven percent reduction in energy use, which resulted in the hospital achieving LEED® Gold certification in 2017. There is approximately 26,000 sq. ft. of dynamic glass used for solar control, which allowed for the downsizing of HVAC infrastructure. Having dynamic glass also allows for the patient to control lighting and privacy, it requires less energy, and it is used for preventing infections, as hospitals move away from curtains for infection control. Notably, this project is the largest North American electrochromic glass application to date.

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