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Product Development

Innovative Products, Designed In-House

Our team has decades of combined building envelope experience. Knowing the industry and its history so intimately allows us to see opportunities for evolution and innovation, both in the field and in the manufacturing facility. This knowledge has allowed us to repeatedly develop our own industry-leading products which bring complexity, value, and performance to all of our projects.

An Exceptional Envelope

The ENNVELOP wall system is a highly customizable pre-fabricated facade solution. By harnessing Ennova’s next-gen curtain wall technology, the system combines both high-energy efficiency and cost effectiveness to meet the needs of any project. The system is designed and engineered to bring simplicity to the exterior facade, while maintaining design flexibility. Clients can choose from medium- and large-format size options, select from a range of finish materials, and control elements such as configuration and orientation.

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The Advantages

  • Proven performance

  • Pre-fabricated in-house

  • Single-trade construction

  • Reduced carbon footprint

  • Enhanced quality control

  • Faster enclosure times

  • A tested, dry-gasketed system

  • Enhanced on-site safety

  • Fully bespoke

ENNVELOP Wall System

The EFI-70 unitized curtain wall system has features that go beyond a traditional system to offer our clients next generation performance, value, and design options. Our system was created with customization, cost-effectiveness, and performance in mind, to meet the needs of any project.


Product Features

  • Pre-fabricated

  • Standard 3-way adjustable anchoring

  • Standard stack joints are designed for +/- 3/4” (20mm) of vertical movement

  • Customizable to meet project needs

  • The base chassis for the EFI-70 has a mullion of 70mm (2 3/4”)

  • Seamless design between mullions and transoms

  • Additional exterior elements can be integrated into the system design

EFI-70 Curtain Wall

The SSW-63 security sash window system is a fixed insert with a removable sash, designed for use in behavioural and mental healthcare applications for maximum patient safety. The system is designed to be inserted into the EFI-70 unitized curtain wall system or the ENNVELOP wall system and may also be suitable for retrofit applications when inserted into existing framing.


SSW-63 Security Sash

Product Features

  • The unit has been tested to 2,000 lbs

  • Can be customized to the needs of the system chassis

  • Designed to minimize sight lines by maintaining system performance

  • This is an interior insert and will not interrupt or compromise the exterior aesthetic of the facade

  • The anti-ligature hardware has been designed around safety and protection against harm

  • Multiple security locks

  • Sash can be fixed or removed

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