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A worker in a navy blue t-shirt operates a suction cup lifter to hoist a pane of glass.


At EFI, we have forty-eight years of experience in understanding the struggles that glazing contractors experience in the field and as such, have made our practices field operations-focused.  We are the bridge between the architect and the glazing contractor, and  provide product and installation support to ensure the product is installed in such a way as to eliminate installation risks and finished product failures, and set everyone up for success. By being involved early in the design process, it ensures we fully comprehend the requirements and complexities of the project, and provide the means and methods necessary to ensure that we efficiently deliver high-quality products to the client on time and on budget. Any issues that arise or last-minute changes to the project specifications, are addressed immediately in order to prevent delays in the production process, while minimizing costs and maintaining the client’s architectural vision.

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