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Our dedicated team has decades of combined construction experience. We know when a process works, and when it doesn’t and are often at the forefront of championing new methods and techniques. In North America, we were one of the first companies to adopt the techniques used in the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process. Today, BIM is the core framework that guides many of our processes, including design and modelling. Building information modelling is an information management and visualization process that allows all stakeholders to work collaboratively and in real-time on a project. It starts with a model.

When the design model has been reviewed and approved, work passes to our experienced virtual design and construction (VDC) team. Using advanced technology software (typically 3DEXPERIENCE), VDC translates the design model into a practical fabrication model. The high-level design becomes a granular blueprint for the design, fabrication, and installation of every project component.

Early collaboration on a project sets the entire process up for success. EFI’s design and engineering teams have extensive design assist experience, which allows us to provide fruitful project insights and partner with the project team from the start. When our design assist services are utilized, it becomes possible to stay ahead of constructability issues and ensure a smooth translation from concept to a reality.


“Excellence beyond measure. Innovation without compromise.” These are our guiding principles as one of North America’s premier providers of bespoke building envelope solutions. Our team of leading industry professionals are on a mission to design, fabricate, and install the best possible building façade for every project using innovative techniques, cutting-edge technologies, and a collaborative spirit. Our cradle-to-grave approach helps guide our projects through pre-construction, modelling and design, and fabrication.

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